Standard apartment beehive (patent pending)

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The kit contains one Standard apartment beehive box (value 499.99) (only box, frames and bees not included), one detachable stand/handle (value $150), two dark wall covers (value $10) and one cleaning box (value $20).

It accommodate a small honey bees colony (1-2 Kg bees with one queen bee). If located inside the apartment or house, an 1.5 inch ID hose/pipe connecting the box to outside will allow the bees to fly out and come back as they need). Optionally the hive can be located outside on the balcony, or on the field, but always on the same place. Attache the Honey apartment beehive box on top and the bees will make honey for you too. When the flow frames are full with honey you just have to turn the key and collect the honey in a jar.


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The kit contains a Standard apartment beehive box (value $499.99) (only box, frames and bees not included), one detachable beesx stand/handle (value $150) and two dark wall covers (value $10).



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Weight 5000 g
Dimensions 60 × 15 × 40 cm


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